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The Weekly Timesheet Calculator on this page will help you reduce the time you are spending on manual payroll processing!

Would you like to spend less time manually processing payroll so you could spend more time growing your business?

That is exactly what the calculator on this page is designed to do.

Built From Experience

I created this calculator based on my own experience with spending countless hours manually processing payroll for as many as 40 of my own employees.

So unlike other timesheet calculators on the web, my goal was not to create a calculator that would wow you with fancy colors, bells, and whistles. Instead my goal was to help you process the timesheets as fast as possible so you can get back to growing your business asap.

How to Increase Employee Productivity

Contrary to popular belief, employee incentive plans rarely ever lead to any long-term increases in productivity.

And that's because all incentive plans -- cash or non-cash -- eventually fall victim to the law of diminishing returns.

The best way I have found to increase employee productivity, is to stop being a boss and instead become a coach.

Bosses order people around to boost their own egos, whereas coaches give their players the support, instruction, tools, and encouragement they need to increase their value to the team.

Coaching youth baseball alongside successful coaches for the past 15 years has taught me more about motivating people than any business book I've ever read.

From a motivational standpoint, adults are no different than kids. What they dream about most is the appreciation they will get when they make an important contribution to the team. A good coach will help turn those dreams into realities.

Time Saving Features

Here are the features that make this the fastest timesheet calculator on the web:

  • Non-numeric characters are optional.
  • Converts minutes into 10ths of hours for you.
  • Calculates gross wages -- including overtime -- at the same time.
  • Formats output into printable hours and gross wages report.
  • Allows you to correct mistakes without starting over.
  • No Back buttons or waiting for a results page.

If you happen across a faster online timesheet calculator, please let me know.

Other Versions Currently Available

If the timesheet calculator on this page doesn't meet your needs, here are your other options:

If none of the existing versions accommodate your timesheets, please contact me and explain your needs in detail and I will consider creating another version.

Or, if you have a suggestion for improving an existing version, please let me know that as well. Just be sure to reference the calculator by its web address (http://www.free-online-calculator-use.com/...html) so I know which calculator you are referring to.

With that, let's use the 2-column weekly timesheet calculator to calculate your employees' pay period hours and gross wages for the week.

2 Column Weekly Timesheet Calculator
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Instructions: If you would like the timesheet calculator to calculate gross wages, enter the employee's regular rate and any overtime rules that apply.

Next, enter the applicable "In" and "Out" times for each day of the week your employee worked. You can enter times with or without the colon (enter 9:00 either as "9", "900" or "9:00") and in standard or military time format.

For blocks of time that cover 12 or more hours, please use military times (see the Pop-up Military Time Conversion Chart). No matter how you enter the times, the Printable Timesheet Report will convert all entered times into a hour:minute format.

Once you have completed the timesheet, enter the employee name and period ending date as you would like them to appear on the printable report, and then click the "Calculate Hours and Wages" button.

Mouse over the blue question marks for a further explanation of each entry field. More in-depth explanations can be found in the glossary of terms located beneath the 2-Column Weekly Timesheet Calculator.

Updated June 23, 2012: In an attempt to work around the strange issues Internet Explorer 9 has with pop-up reports, you will see that I moved the "employee name" and "period ending" fields from the results to the entry form, and now display a preview of the printable report within the results. If you use Internet Explorer and you still can't print the report, all I can suggest for now is that you try Google Chrome or FireFox instead (both are free).

September 7, 2012: Added option to display time totals in hours and tenths of hours, versus just hours and minutes. Note that you may need to refresh the page (F5 key) to see the most current version of the calculator.

To design your own printable time entry forms, visit the new Blank Time Sheet Creator.

Help Hourly pay rate ($):
Help at X hourly rate:
Help Day of the week pay period starts on (or ):
Help Time totals as hours:minutes or hours.hour-fraction?
Time Block 1
Time Block 2
  In Out In Out  
Help Total hours:minutes for the week:
Help Employee Name (optional):
Help Period ending (optional):
Type Rate Hours (10ths) Pay
Help Regular:
Help Overtime:
Help Totals:

2-Column Weekly Timesheet Calculator Glossary of TermsCalcy magnifying glass

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Hourly pay rate: Optional: Enter the employee's current regular hourly pay rate.

Overtime rate: Optional: Select the Overtime option that best matches your pay situation. If your employee receives overtime pay, enter the factor that your regular rate is multiplied by and the timesheet calculator will calculate the hourly overtime rate for you. Or, simply enter the overtime rate in the far right-hand field.

Day of the week your workweek starts on: Optional: Select the day of the week you want the timesheet calculator to start at. The Day column will automatically be filled in with the correct sequenced days. If you want the date included for each day (example: Mon Jan 1), select the month and day of the first day of the pay period. This will also populate the Day column with the correct sequenced days. If you don't want the date include select N/A from the month drop-down menu.

Time totals as hours:minutes or hours.hour-fraction? If you would like the time totals formatted to hours and minutes, select HH:MM (7 and 1/2 hours will appear as 7:30). Or, if you would like the time totals formatted to hours and fraction of an hour, select HH.HH (7 and 1/2 hours will appear as 7.50). Note that you can switch from one to the other format at anytime during time entry process, at which time the calculator will automatically reformat the daily totals.

Time entry format: When entering In/Out times, you can enter the time with or without the colon (:). For blocks of time that cover 12 or more hours (6:00 am to 6:00 pm), please use military times (refer to the military time conversion chart link in the next paragraph).

Military time format: If you need to enter a time span that is 12 or more hours in length, please use the pop-up military time conversion chart to look up the military times you will need to enter ("0000" will not be read by the calculator). You can then keep that conversion chart window open to refer back and forth when you need to.

Day column: You can change the text in this column to whatever identifier you would like to show up on the report.

Block 1 column: This work period is normally the period before lunch break.

Block 2 column: This work period is normally the period after your lunch break.

HH:MM/HH.HH column: This calculated column will total up your worker's hours:minutes (or hours.hour) for each day, and then total up the hours:minutes (or hours.hour) for the week. Fields in this column recalculate as you enter or change times in the timesheet.

Employee Name: If you will be printing the completed timesheet report for a specific employee, enter their name here.

Period ending: If you want the printable timesheet report to include the pay period ending date, enter the date here in whatever format you prefer.

Regular row: This row contains your employee's regular hourly rate, their total regular hours for the week, and their total regular wages.

Overtime row: This row contains your employee's overtime hourly rate, their total overtime hours for the week, and their total overtime wages.

Total row: This row contains your employee's total hours and wages for the week.

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