Baseball Scorekeeper (Beta)

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Helps you to keep track of a baseball game's hits, runs, errors, outs, balls and strikes, plus game batting and pitching stats.

As a parent/grandparent of several baseball and softball players I always wanted to be able to keep track of baseball games whenever our team played in fields that lacked detailed scoreboards.

Last year (2014) I purchased a scorekeeper app for my phone, but I was not happy with how it functioned (couldn't subtract hits, runs, etc. once I incremented them). However, it was better than no app at all so I continued to use the score tracker for the remainder of the season.

This year (2015), as the baseball season approached, I noticed that my scorekeeping app quit functioning all together. So I thought, now is a good time to attempt to make my own scorekeeper application.

The baseball scorekeeper on this page is my first attempt at the laptop/notebook version of the application (mobile phone web-app available on the mobile version of the site).

Three Levels of Tracking

The baseball scorekeeper was designed to accommodate several levels of tracking. You can either:

  • Simply track the score.

  • Track the inning, runs, hits, errors, outs, ball, and strikes.

  • Track all of the above, plus the individual batting and pitching stats for players on both teams.

Local Storage Feature

During the scorekeeper's planning stages I knew I needed to come up with a way of backing up the game's stats and results as the game progressed. Otherwise, if I accidentally closed the web browser window, the game's stats and results would be lost, and it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to recall all of the lost data.

Luckily, the latest versions of most web browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) all support a feature called, "Local Storage." Local Storage allows the storage and retrieval of data from within a web browser.

Therefore, if you are using the latest version of your web browser software, you should be able to start tracking right where you left off if you should inadvertently close the browser window during the game.

If your browser supports local storage, the baseball scorekeeper backs up your data with each change of inning and batter. Or, you can manually back up the data at any time by clicking the "Backup Game Stats" button located beneath the scorekeeper.

Beta Version

Since I can't fully test the baseball scorekeeper until the snow melts and the season gets underway (I live in Northern Minnesota), I thought I would launch a beta version for those baseball parents/grandparents who live in areas where the season might already be underway.

And finally, once our local baseball season begins I will be able to test the scorekeeper for myself, and make any changes or upgrades based on my own feedback.

With that I invite to try out the beta version of the baseball scorekeeper.

Baseball Scorekeeper
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Instructions: Choose "Baseball" (9 batters in lineup) or "Softball" (10 batters in lineup).

Enter the name of the Visitors team (1st up to bat) and the Home team (last up to bat).

For each batter's first plate appearance, enter the Jersey Number and the scorekeeper will save that number to the batting order for the next time the batter is up to bat. If an existing batter is replaced by a substitute, change the Jersey # for the batting order to the substitute's number.

Enter the Jersey Number of the starting pitcher for each team as they appear. Change the pitcher selection and Jersey Number for each subsequent reliever.

If you are only interested in keeping score, the INNING section is the only one you need to concern yourself with. Otherwise, if you want to track batter and/or pitcher stats, you will need to select the result for each batter and tap the green cell (in the batter section) to record the batter's result and move to the next batter.

You can view the game report at any time by clicking the "Game Report" button located beneath the scorekeeper.

Tap or click any section or column label to see the balloon help for the label's contents. Click or tap the balloon help to close it.

Important If you are using the latest version of your web browser software, the Baseball Scorekeeper will save all stats to your web browser's local storage as next inning or next batter buttons are pressed (you can also click/tap the "Save Data" button at any time). That way, if you inadvertently close the page you should be able to start scorekeeping close to where you left off. This feature may not work if you are using an older version of your web browser software.

Test text

Baseball (9 batters) Softball (10 batters)

Innings >
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
0 0 0
0 0 0
2-Strike Fouls
Visitor Batter
BO J # Hits ABs PAs RBIs
1 0 0 0
Home Pitcher
Jersey #

Position Numbering

  1. Pitcher (P)
  2. Catcher (C)
  3. First baseman (1B)
  4. Second baseman (2B)
  5. Third baseman (3B)
  6. Shortstop (SS)
  7. Left fielder (LF)
  8. Center fielder (CF)
  9. Right fielder (RF)
  10. Rover (softball)
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Baseball Scorekeeper Glossary of Terms

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Inning Section: This section is for keeping track of outs, runs, hits, errors, and batter counts for each half inning. If you are not concerned with tracking batters and pitchers, then this is the only section you will need to concern yourself with. Runs, hits, and errors will be reflected in the top scoreboard section. Tap the green cell under Top or Bottom to advance to the next half inning. Tap the red cell under Top or Bottom to go back to the last half inning (outs won't change but batter counts will be reset to zero).

Batter Section: This section will appear for the top half of each inning and is for recording visitor batter stats. For each batter, edit the jersey number as needed, select the result, and then tap the green cell to move to the next batter in the order. Upon moving to the next batter, hits or outs will be adjusted in the INNING section, and strike outs and walks will be adjusted in the Pitcher section. You may also add a note for put-outs (F8, 6-3, etc.). Tap the red cell to move back a batter to make changes (WARNING: changes to previously recorded batter results may skew other stats).

Pitcher Section: This section is for recording pitcher stats. At the start of the game, leave Starting pitcher selected and enter the starting pitcher's Jersey #. If another pitcher comes in to relieve the starter, select the next choice in the drop-down menu and enter the reliever's Jersey #. Tap the green cells to increment the pitcher stats. Tap the red cells to decrement the pitcher stats. NOTE: Changes to this section will not be reflected in batter's pitch count, however, the changes to the batter's pitch count will be reflected in the pitcher stats.

Batter results: The following abbreviations will appear in the printed game report.

HBP:Hit By Pitch
SB:Sacrifice Bunt
SF:Sacrifice Fly
Kc:Struck Out Looking
Ks:Struck Out Swinging
FO:Flied Out
GO:Grounded Out
FC:Fielder's Choice
ROE:Reached On Error
HR:Home Run

Put-out abbreviations: If you are keeping track of which fielders were involved in a put out, you can refer to the Position Numbering list located beneath the scorekeeper. For example, if a batter flies out to left field, the typical put-out would be noted as "F7". Or if a batter is thrown out at first by the shortstop, the put-out would be noted as "6-3". A double play might be noted as "6-4-3", and so on.

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