About the The Debt Calculators, Tips, and Tools section

Would you like to the experience the freedom to choose your work based on how much joy and self-fulfillment it brings you?

Are you fed up with being a slave to your creditors while they rake in all of your once discretionary income in the form of finance charges and late payment penalties?

Are you tired of having to forego quality time with your family to pay your bills?

If your answer is "yes" to any of the previous questions, and you're tired of being forced to take thankless, stressful jobs -- because your financial obligations demand it -- then I encourage you to make full use of the debt calculators and their built-in lessons in this section.

They are, as one visitor recently called them, a financial freedom treasure chest!

What sets my debt calculators apart from the others you will find online, is that mine attempt to teach you how to achieve financial freedom -- while still doing all the tedious number crunching for you.

But be forewarned, some of the calculated results may cause irreparable damage to your rose-colored glasses.

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