About the The Weight Loss Calculator Menu section

The free-to-use, online weight loss calculators in this section will get you started on the road to weight management enlightenment.

Achieving your body-related goals is really no different than achieving any other kind of success. Your success boils down to becoming fully informed as to the consequences of your body-related actions and inactions and then developing a realistic plan for methodically moving toward your goal.

One of the best parts about researching the information needed to build online calculators, is that I get to learn a lot about a subject that I had never studied before. This was never more true than when I researched the information needed to build these weight loss calculators. It was very eye-opening, to say the least.

The good news for you is that you don't have to understand the formulas and equations behind these weight loss calculators like I had to, you can simply plug in your numbers and watch the light bulbs go off. And like all of the other calculators on this site, these too are like boxes of Cracker Jacks™ ... they all have "a prize inside."

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