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Helps you to design and print your own weight lifting workout log sheet that shows your strength gains at a glance.

This online workout schedule maker will create either a printable blank exercise log sheet, a custom log sheet based on your own categories and exercises, or a log sheet based on my own weight lifting workout schedule.

Over the years of working out at the gym during the winter months (when the golf courses are closed), I've come up with a system of planning and tracking my workouts that has become very popular with my friends and family.

In fact, the reason I decided to add the workout log sheet maker to the website is because one of my daughters is moving out of the area and asked if there was a way I could set up something where she could design and print her own gym workout chart online.

I will attempt to explain the log sheet system I use and why it works for me, and then you can decide if you want to try the system yourself.

The workout log sheets I designed for my own use help me to ...

  • Know where to start each new workout season.

  • Know which exercises to do when, even if I miss a few days.

  • Know how much weight to use and when it's time to bump up the weight.

  • Instantly see my strength improvement over time.

  • Workout any number of days per week while still giving muscle groups adequate recovery time.

  • Keep my workouts short and simple, while still hitting all basic muscle groups.

Log Sheet Categories

Here is an example of a muscle-group category (chest and laterals) made up of five exercises. Each exercise has fields to record the weight and reps for three sets, and each row in the chart represents a single day.

Example of workout log sheet category.

Note that categories can be labeled as muscle groups, days of the week, or whatever you deem appropriate for your own workout plan.

Log Sheet Exercises

Here is an example of how I log the weights and reps for each exercise:

I start the season doing 1 set of each exercise, and then gradually increase to 3 sets.

Once I get to 3 sets, I start using a weight that allows me to do sets of 20, 15, and 12 reps.

Each time I repeat the exercise, I try to increase the 2nd and 3rd sets by at least 1 rep each.

Once I am doing 3 sets of 20 reps, I bump up the weight.

Example of log sheet for one exercise.

Log Sheet Clipboard

I rig up a clipboard with a mechanical pencil and some velcro like this:

Example of workout log sheet on clipboard.

My Workout Routine

I start each workout session with 10-minutes of stretching.

Next, I do a 20-minute cardio using either an elliptical machine, stair stepper, treadmill, or jump rope (my favorite). Whichever cardio method I decide to use for a particular day, I just try to maintain my target heart rate for the full 20 minutes.

Next, I complete the weight lifting exercises in the category that is due that day (1 row on the sheet), with 60-90 seconds of rest between each set.

Finally, I finish the workout with three core exercises. Typically these consist of 3 30-second sets of seated oblique twists, planks, and leg raises. But I do mix it up with other core exercises, such as crunches, med ball throws, cable machine twists, and more.

The total workout typically takes an hour and fifteen minutes.

Same Muscle Groups, Different Exercises

Since your muscles can become impervious to a given exercise after a period of time (at least in my opinion), I recommend creating and printing sheets that have the same muscle groups, but with a different method for each exercise. You then simply rotate your workout sheets on a periodic basis.

For example, for biceps, one sheet might list "Dumbbell Curls", another might list "Standing Barbell Curls", and other might list "Seated Barbell Curls".

Each muscle group has numerous exercise variations for targeting the group. Alternating exercise variations will not only keep your workout from getting stale, but your muscles may respond more favorably as well.

With that I invite you to try out the Workout Log Sheet Maker to design and print your own weight lifting workout schedule.

Workout Log Sheet Maker
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Instructions: Enter an optional title for the workout log sheet.

Next, select the number of sets you would like to include for each exercise and then select the number of blank rows to include for each. The default setting for each should fit 3 categories on a single, 8-1/2 x 11 page when set to a Landscape layout.

Next, if you would like to print out a blank weight lifting chart, scroll down and select "Blank" from Type menu and click the "Preview Workout Log Sheet" button.

Or, if you would like to print out a filled-in weight lifting chart, enter up to 5 categories (muscles groups, days of the week, etc.) and up to 5 exercises per category. To preview the chart, select "Filled In" from Type menu and click the "Preview Workout Log Sheet" button.

When you're satisfied with the preview, click the "Printable Workout Log Sheet" button. This will open your sheet in a printer friendly window for printing.

Note that you if you have a large number of categories and exercises you may want to create a separate workout log sheet for each main category (1 for upper body, 1 lower body, or, 1 for Mondays, 1 for Tuesdays, etc.).

Mouse over the blue question marks for a further explanation of each entry field. More in-depth explanations can be found in the glossary of terms located beneath the Workout Log Sheet Maker.

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Workout Chart Preferences
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Workout Log Sheet Maker Glossary of TermsCalcy magnifying glass

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Title (optional): If you would like a title to be included at the top of the chart, enter the title here. If not you can leave this field blank.

Number of sets per exercise: Select the number of sets you would like included for each exercise. Note that the higher the number of sets you select, the fewer the number of exercises that will fit within a single page.

Number of rows per exercise: Select the number of blank rows you would like included for each exercise. Each blank row will cover one workout session. Note that the higher the number of rows you select, the fewer the number of categories will fit withing a single page.

Load Examples button: If you would like to load my categories and exercises into the form below, click this button. You can always remove the examples or your entries by clicking the Clear Examples button.

Cat name row: Enter a name for each category you would like included. Blank category name fields will not be included in the workout log sheet unless you select Blank from the Type menu. Also note that category names will be truncated to 14 characters in the printed workout sheet.

Exercise row: Enter an exercise or routine you would like to include for each included category. Exercises will appear from left to right in the order you entered them in the category columns. Blank exercise fields will not be included in the printed workout log sheet, unless you are printing a blank sheet.

Preview Workout Log Sheet button: Select either Filled In or Blank and then click the this button. This will load the sheet into the scrollable area below the button.

Printable Workout Log Sheet button: If you are happy with the results in the preview pane, click this button. This will open the workout log sheet in a printer friendly window for printing. You can then use the page settings on your printer/page settings dialogue to scale the workout log sheet so it fits on one page.

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