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Welcome to the Calendar, Time and Date Calculators section at

This section was created to house calculators for calculating all kinds of time and date durations, as well as for housing various calendar, timer, countdown, and clock creators.

My Time is Your Time

One important caveat before you use the calculators in this section is that many of the calculators get the current date and time from whatever device you are using to access the site. Therefore it's important that the your device is set for the correct day and time in order for the calculators to generate the correct results.

Here is the current time and date as reported by your device:

If the above date and time does not closely match the actual date and time, please check to make sure that your device's system clock is set to the correct time and date.

With that, below are the current calendar, time and date calculators located in this section.

Current Calendar, Date and Time Calculators

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Age Calculators

Age Calculator to Calculate How Old You Are On a Given Date
This online age calculator will calculate your age in years, months, and days, plus tell you how old you are in months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. The calculator will also tell you how many days are left until your next birthday, and on what day of the week it will fall on. And finally, the calculator can even tell you on what date you will turn a certain age.

Chronological Age Calculator that Shows its Work
This date calculator will calculate a person's age in years, months, and days by subtracting the person's date of birth from a given test date. Plus, the calculator also gives the result rounded to the nearest month, as well as the age in total number of months. The calculator also shows its work so you can learn how to perform date subtractions without having to use a calculator.

Date, Time, and Day Calculators

Business Day Calculator to Calculate Business Days Between Dates
This free online business days calculator will instantly calculate the number of business days between two dates, or calculate a past or present date by adding or subtracting a specified number of working days to or from a starting date. Plus you can even choose which days of the week you want the calculator to count -- which opens up the calculator for other interesting uses! Built-in Exclude Holidays feature added on September 12, 2013!

Date Difference Calculator to Calculate Days Between Dates
This free online date difference calculator will instantly calculate the number of days between two dates, plus convert those number of days to their equivalent years, months, weeks, hours, minutes, and seconds. This time duration calculator can be used to calculate elapsed time from a past date and to calculate time between a past or present date and a future date. Many cool uses!

Date Time Calculator to Add or Subtract Time Spans To or From Dates
This calculator will instantly subtract or add days, weeks, months, and years from or to a date of your choosing. Includes optional starting and ending time in hours, minutes, and seconds. Result also includes the day of the week for the calculated date. Many interesting uses!

Day of Year Calculator to Calculate Day Number and Days Left
This free online date calculator will instantly tell you the day number of the year for an entered date, plus tell how many days are in the year and how many days are left in the year.

Find Day of the Week Calculator for Any Date
This free online date day calculator will instantly tell you whether the date you enter is a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Great for finding answers to questions like, "What day of the week was I born on?", "What day will my birthday be on?", "What day of the week is my baby's due date?", etc.

Leap Year Calculator to Check Year or Generate List of Leap Years
This free online date calculator will instantly tell you whether or not a given Gregorian calendar year was (or will be) a leap year, or it will generate a list of leap years for a given range of years (includes the day of the week for each listed leap day). Plus, if you were born (a.k.a. "leapling") or married on February 29th, the calculator will even count the number of times you have been able to celebrate on your anniversary date. The page also displays the last and next leap years, as well as explains what leap days are, how they are determined, and why they are needed.

Countdown Timers, Clocks, and Tickers

Countdown Calculator to Count Down to Future Event
This free online countdown creator will create an online timer that will count down the years, months, day, hours, minutes, and seconds until the date and time of a special occasion, such as: anniversary, birthday, Christmas, due date, graduation day, opening day, retirement, wedding, etc. Plus, the calculator can even be set so the updated timer magically appears at the top of the page on your next visit!

Count Up Timer to Count Up From a Past Event
This free online count up timer creator will create an online timer that will count up the years, months, day, hours, minutes, and seconds since the date and time of a special occasion. This can be used as a sobriety calculator, a quit smoking timer, a billable hours calculator, a clean time calculator, and more. Plus, if the event resulted in saving or earning money, the timer counts that up as well! Finally, the calculator can even be set so the updated timer magically appears at the top of the page on your next visit!

School Calendar Calculator to Count and Track Class Days Left
This free online school calendar calculator will calculate the number of days remaining in the school year. The calculator allows you to set days off according to your own school calendar, and provides a printer friendly calendar with the days-left displayed in each date cell!

Fill-in Printable Calendars and Planners

Printable Weekly Planner Creator to Maximize the Return on Your Time
This free printable weekly planner creator will help you to plan and prioritize how you spend and invest your 168 hours of weekly time. Includes a time block inserter, complete with 7 color-coded, nameable time blocks -- each with a built-in calculator for totaling up the hours and percentages planned for each type of task or activity. Plus, you can even set which span of hours get included in the printed planner. Also includes how to "Use the 80 20 Rule to Maximize the ROI of Your Time".

Monthly Schedule Creator to Create Custom Printable Calendar Pages
This free online calendar calculator will generate an editable calendar page for the desired month and year. You can edit the individual day-of-the-month cells and you can use the auto fill-in feature for adding reoccurring events, activities, appointments, work shifts, etc. Includes an optional to-do list feature for adding a to-do list with check boxes to the calendar page (adds an 8th column). Also includes various design preference settings (dimensions, fonts, colors, etc.).

Pregnancy Calculators

Baby Due Date Calculator to Calculate Pregnancy Due Dates
This free online pregnancy due date predictor will estimate your baby's due date, including the day of the week the due day falls on. Plus, the calculator also generates dates for each of the 40-weeks of your pregnancy, which means it can also be used to calculate how many weeks pregnant you might be. Also includes "How to Calculate Due Date".

Pregnancy Countdown Calculator with Printable Calendar
This free online due date countdown calculator will tell you in days, weeks, and months, how far along you are and how long you have left to go. The calculated results include a due date countdown meter and a printable calendar wherein each date cell displays how far along and how long left, in days, weeks, and months. The calculator can even be set to remember your due date between visits so it can automatically perform the calculations when you revisit or refresh the page.

Reverse Due Date Calculator to Calculate Conception Date
This free online conception date calculator will calculate what date and day of the week your baby was conceived on based on your pregnancy due date. Also includes estimated dates for the missed menstrual period and for the range of days the pregnancy-causing "event" likely occurred within. Plus, you can also select any birth date -- meaning you can calculate conception dates for yourself and others.

Future Calendar, Time and Date Calculators

The following is a list of calendar, date and time calculators that I plan to add to this section as I have time. I'm basically adding calculators and converters to in the order from highest demand to lowest demand, so if you see any calculator in the following list you want me to put on the high priority list, please let me know. Or, if you desire an online calendar, date and time calculator that is not on the following list of planned calculators, please let me know so I can add it to my list.

  • Countdown Clock Generator
  • Time Distance Calculator
  • Web Calendar Creator

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