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The online Monthly Schedule Creator on this page will generate an editable, printable calendar page for the desired month and year -- complete with an optional to-do list.

This free online calendar calculator will create an editable month-schedule template within which you can enter notes (events, activities, appointments, birthdays, etc.) for each day of the selected month.

Also includes a cool auto fill-in feature for entering reoccurring events and activities, an optional to-do list, and various calendar page design preferences.

Finally, once you have entered all of your events and activities and you have chosen your design preferences, a simple click of a button will open your printable calendar page in a new window for printing.

Many Cool Uses!

Here are just a few of the many uses for the monthly schedule creator:

  • Create personal calendar pages to hang on the fridge.
  • Create a work schedule template for handing out work schedules to employees.
  • Create a work-out schedule.
  • Create a meal schedule for an entire month.
  • Create a blank calendar to fill in later.
  • Create a blank appointment calendar with designated time slots.

With that, let's use the monthly schedule creator to create a printable calendar page -- with or without a to-do list.

Monthly Schedule Creator
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How to create a calendar: Select the month and enter the 4-digit year you are creating a calendar page for, then click the "Display Blank Calendar to Fill In" button.

Next, use the auto fill-in features for adding reoccurring notes into the day cells, then enter any non-reoccurring notes into the individual day-of-the-month cells.

Next, use the calendar font, border, and dimension fields and select menus to design the calendar page.

Finally, enter an optional to-do list for the month (adds an 8th column to the calendar page) and then click the "Create Printable Calendar Page" button (opens a new window).

Mouse over the blue question marks for a further explanation of each entry field. More in-depth explanations can be found in the glossary of terms located beneath the Monthly Schedule Creator.

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Schedule Creator Glossary of Terms

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Calendar page month and year: Select the month and enter the 4-digit year for the calendar page you wish to fill-in and print, then click the click the Display Blank Calendar to Fill In button. This will insert an editable calendar immediately below the Auto Fill-in section.

Text to auto fill-in: Enter the text you wish to enter using the auto fill-in feature. Note that using the return key will automatically add a gray separator line on the printed calendar page (a line break is automatically entered for you at the end of each note). Note that you can enter notes directly into the calendar day cells without using any of the auto fill-in features.

Every __ day(s) from __ to __ Use this line to enter reoccurring notes for fixed intervals and/or specified time frames. For example, if you work out every other day, you could enter: Work Out and Every 2 day(s) from days 1 to 31. Or, if you are going on a 7-day vacation from the 6th-13th days of the month, you could enter: Vacation and Every 1 day(s) from days 6 to 13

Day of the week check boxes: Use these check boxes to enter reoccurring notes that happen on the same days of each week. For example, if you have church at 7:00pm every Wednesday you can enter 7:00 Church and then check the Wednesdays check box. Or if you work different times on different days of the week, you can check the appropriate boxes for each reoccurring shift.

Auto Fill-In button: Once you have entered a note and completed the appropriate auto fill-in, clicking this button will populate the corresponding days with the entered note. If you wish to add the auto fill-in notes to existing notes, select Add to Existing Text before clicking the button. Or if you want to replace existing notes, select Replace Existing Text.

Clear All Notes: To clear notes (events and activities) from all days, click the this button.

Title font: Select the desired font family, font color, and font size for the calendar title (the title is the month and the year).

Cell headings font: Select the desired font family, font color, and font size for the cell headings (the cell headings consist of the subtitle and the day numbers).

Notes font: Select the desired font family, font color, and font size for the notes (the notes consist of notes for each day, and the optional to-do list items)

Border: Select the desired type, color, and thickness for the calendar borders.

Calendar dimensions: Enter the width and height of the preferred calendar dimensions in inches. Note that you should be able to use the Print preview, Scale , and Portrait/Landscape features in your web browser menu to size the calendar before printing.

To Do List (optional): If you have a list of things you would like to get done this month, simply enter each to-do item separated by a line return. The schedule creator will add an 8th column to the calendar, and provide a check box for each to-do item. If you leave the to-do list blank, no 8th column will be added.

Create Printable Calendar Page button: Once you have designed your calendar, click the this button -- which will open your calendar in a new window. To change the design, simply close the new window, change your setting, and click this button again. Repeat until you are happy with the design.

Reset Schedule Creator button: If you wish to reset the schedule creator to its original state, click this button.

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