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Welcome to the Budgeting Tools section at This section is dedicated to helping you to create a realistic budget that will allow you to live within your means and still achieve your personal and family financial goals.

Unlike other websites that offer online budget calculators, I have no vested interest in where your money goes, and I'm not trying to sell you anything that might serve to break your budget.

This means that I am completely free to create calculators and worksheets that hold your best interests at heart, not the best interests of companies trying to sell you something.

Life's a ... Business!

As I've said elsewhere on this website, your life is a business just as much as Apple™ is a business. The primary difference being that while Apple™ is engaged in the pursuit of monetary profits (more revenues than expenses), your life business is (or should be) engaged in the pursuit of happiness profits (more good feelings than bad feelings).

In both Apple's™ business and your life business, the long term success and profitability of each is dependent upon a positive cash flow (more money coming in than is going out). Not even Apple™ can withstand a long-term negative cash flow. That's why they have an entire division dedicated to tracking and forecasting revenues and expenses. What does this mean to you?

It means that if your life business is to attain the same relative level of happiness profitability as Apple's level of monetary profitability, you must devote the same kind of meticulous attention to tracking and forecasting your revenues and expenses as Apple devotes to theirs.

But I Suck At Budgeting!

Sorry, that's not an acceptable excuse. If you suck at budgeting it's merely because you don't give that division of your life business the attention it deserves. A child can be taught to write down what they spend and total up the results. If they can do it, you most certainly can.

Can you imagine what would happen to Apple™ if instead of having a budget and finance department they simply gave all of their company employees blank checks and unlimited credit cards to spend as they saw fit? That would lead to utter chaos and a speedy death of the company.

Like it or not, suck at it or not, believe it or not, giving the tracking and forecasting of your life's revenues and expenses a top priority is paramount to your life's happiness profitability.

Help Has Arrived!

Throughout this and other sections of the website I will be dispensing the key steps and concepts you need to understand in order to maximize the emotional return on every dollar you earn. I hope you will give this site, and your life business, the time and attention they both deserve.

Below are the current budget calculators and interactive worksheets contained in the budgeting tools section, all of which are dedicated to helping you to maximize your life's happiness profits.

Budgeting Tools Currently Available

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Budgeting Income Calculator with Pay Period Calendar
This free online budget calculator will forecast the combined household spendable income for each of the next 12 months -- for up to five income sources, regardless of pay period type (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.). Plus, you can also view and print-out a pay period calendar for each income source that you enter. Includes "The Key to Budgeting Income."

Budgeting Percentages Average Calculator
This free online budgeting tool is based on the Consumer Expenditure Survey conducted annually by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Simply enter your before-tax annual income and the calculator will display the monthly and annual average household expenses for survey respondents in your income bracket. You can also create a household budget worksheet to print out and use as a reference point for revising or setting up a budget.

Cash Budgeting Calculator for Hybrid Envelope Budgeting System
This free online budget calculator will calculate your envelope budget percentages and distribution amounts, plus give you the size and number of the various denomination of bills you will need in order to distribute precise cash amounts to your envelopes. You can even print out a detailed report to carry with you. Cool!

Christmas Budget Calculator with Interactive Budgeting Worksheet
This free online budget calculator will create an interactive worksheet containing the names of the people on your Christmas shopping list, along with a pre-filled amount field for each person. The worksheet then recalculates the budget totals as you make changes to the individual amounts. Then, once you have your shopping list budget set you can open the completed worksheet in a printer friendly window for printing. Page includes the "Countdown till Christmas" (days and hours from today) and describes my "Keys to Relieving the Stress of Holiday Gift Buying."

Eye-Opening Budgeting Tool for Personal Budget Planning
This free online budgeting tool will translate any expenditure into its daily, weekly, monthly, annual, work-life, and lifetime equivalents, plus show you the work-hours and interest earnings you are giving up in the process. Prepare to be shocked!

Family Allowance Budget Calculator for Calculating Allowances for Kids and Parents
This free to use online budgeting tool will calculate allowance for kids and parents based on either your own preferred percentage split, or on allowances recommended by experts. Includes a printable family budget worksheet, along with several reasons why using the budget surplus allowance system can help to create financial harmony within the household.

Free Personal Budgeting Calculator
This free online budget calculator will help you to formulate a realistic personal budget and allow you to print out any number of personalized, free, printable budget worksheets. Includes an eye-opening, built-in opportunity cost feature that alerts you to what you'll be giving up in return for what you are spending your money on.

Monthly Budget Calculator
This free to use online budgeting tool will allow you to enter budgeted amounts for each of the twelve months of the year for one income category and up to nine separate outgo categories -- each containing up to ten customizable accounts. Includes a scrollable budget spread sheet for each category, plus options for creating printable blank, completed, detailed, or summarized monthly budget worksheets.

Non-Monthly Expense Budget Calculator for Irregular Bills and Expenses
This free to use online budgeting calculator will help you to meet your irregular bills and expenses as they come due, plus give you the option of creating a blank or filled-in printable non-monthly budget worksheet. Simply enter any number of irregular bills and expenses and the calculator cash-flow calculations will tell you how much is due each month, and at what point your cash flow account is in danger of running in the red.

Personal Asset Depreciation Calculator to Budget for Wear and Tear Expenses
This online budgeting tool will calculate how much you need to set aside each month to replace assets as they wear out, so you can pay cash for the replacements instead of having to increase your debts. Also calculates individual and combined opportunity costs created by depreciation expenses. This will help you avoid making purchasing decisions that cause you to experience buyer's remorse.

Travel Budget Calculator with Built-in Trip Mileage Calculator
This free to use online budgeting tool will allow you to create your own self-calculating travel budget worksheet, either from scratch or from a sample trip expense list. Includes 9 built-in multipliers (one-time, adult, child, lodging night, travel day, fun day, day, mile, etc.). That way, if you make a change to a multiplier, like shorten your trip by one day for example, you will be able to see the cost difference instantly. Cool!

Wedding Budget Calculator for Wisely Budgeting for a Wedding
This free to use online budgeting tool will allow you to create your own self-calculating wedding budget worksheet, either from scratch or from a sample wedding budget. Includes options for printing blank or completed worksheets, plus "Don't Be Fooled By Average Wedding Costs" and "The Real Average Wedding Cost: $300,000!"

Future Budgeting Tools

The following is a list of budgeting tools that I plan to add to this section as I have time. I'm basically adding budget calculators, worksheets, and forms to in the order from highest demand to lowest demand, so if you see any of the budgeting tools in the following list you want me to put on the high priority list, please let me know.

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