About the The Budgeting Tips, Tools, and Calculators section

Unlike other websites that offer online budget calculators, I have no vested interest in where your money goes, and I'm not trying to sell you anything that might serve to break your budget.

This means that I am completely free to create calculators and worksheets that hold your best interests at heart, not the best interests of companies trying to sell you something.

Life's a ... Business!

As I've said elsewhere on this website, your life is a business just as much as Apple™ is a business. The primary difference being that while Apple™ is engaged in the pursuit of monetary profits (more revenues than expenses), your life business is (or should be) engaged in the pursuit of happiness profits (more good feelings than bad feelings).

In both Apple's™ business and your life business, the long term success and profitability of each is dependent upon a positive cash flow (more money coming in than is going out). Not even Apple™ can withstand a long-term negative cash flow. That's why they have an entire division dedicated to tracking and forecasting revenues and expenses. What does this mean to you?

It means that if your life business is to attain the same relative level of happiness profitability as Apple's level of monetary profitability, you must devote the same kind of meticulous attention to tracking and forecasting your revenues and expenses as Apple devotes to theirs.

But I Suck At Budgeting!

Sorry, that's not an acceptable excuse. If you suck at budgeting it's merely because you don't give that division of your life business the attention it deserves. A child can be taught to write down what they spend and total up the results. If they can do it, you most certainly can.

Can you imagine what would happen to Apple™ if instead of having a budget and finance department they simply gave all of their company employees blank checks and unlimited credit cards to spend as they saw fit? That would lead to utter chaos and a speedy death of the company.

Like it or not, suck at it or not, believe it or not, giving the tracking and forecasting of your life's revenues and expenses a top priority is paramount to your life's happiness profitability.

Help Has Arrived!

Throughout this and other sections of the website I will be dispensing the key steps and concepts you need to understand in order to maximize the emotional return on every dollar you earn. I hope you will give this site, and your life business, the time and attention they both deserve.

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