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Welcome to the Auto Calculators section at This section is dedicated to helping you to get the greatest return on your household transportation budget.

Whether you want to buy a car, shop for a car loan, refinance an auto loan, compare buying vs. leasing, estimate an auto loan payoff, or calculate and compare fuel mileage, the calculators in this auto calculator section will cover all your automotive and transportation calculating needs.

Unlike other websites that offer auto finance calculators and mileage calculators, I have no vested interest in which car you buy or which financing company you choose. This means that I am free to create auto calculators that hold your best interests at heart, not the best interests of banks, car dealers, or automobile manufacturers.

Are You an Over-Under Informed Consumer?

One of My
Top 10 Auto Tips

Either buy a new vehicle every 10 or more years, or buy a 2-year-old used vehicle every 2 or more years. This will save you thousands of dollars in what I call, Warp-Speed Depreciation

If you want to throw the next 12-months worth of paychecks (along with all of the interest that income could have earned) into your garbage disposal, then by all means, buy a brand new vehicle every year or two.

P.S. I bought a new Chevy Avalanche in 2001 with cash and short-term financing and I'm still driving it today (2014). I haven't had a car payment in 11 years!

The key to getting the most out of your automobile budget is to become a completely informed car buyer.

Unfortunately, if you are like most people, you are over informed as to the benefits of buying and owning a car, and woefully under informed as to the drawbacks and hidden costs.

This is because automobile marketing experts are continually emphasizing and exaggerating the benefits of buying and owning a vehicle, while totally ignoring and downplaying the drawbacks and opportunity costs.

Consequently, most consumers end up acting in the best interests of the automotive and finance companies instead acting in their own best interests.

Therefore, in order to help you to become a completely informed consumer -- one that acts in your own best interests instead of in the best interest of auto and finance companies -- my goal is to expose the exaggerated benefits for what they are, and expose the drawbacks and hidden costs the automobile and finance companies are leaving out of their advertising.

In other words, I have do the opposite of what automobile merchants are doing in their ads ...

I have to ignore and downplay the benefits of buying and owning a car, while emphasizing and exaggerating the drawbacks and hidden costs.

To do that, each auto calculator page in this section will include a brief lesson that will expose an exaggerated benefit or an ignored drawback, and then provide an interactive tool to prove the lesson's point.

Here are a few of the exaggerated benefits that I will attempt to refute:

  • Attraction
  • Comfort
  • New
  • Features
  • Safety
  • Status

And here are a few of the ignored drawbacks (opportunity costs) that I will attempt to expose:

  • Foregone Earnings
  • Reduced Freedom of Choice
  • Reduced Free Time
  • Hidden Costs of Ownership
  • Warp Speed Depreciation

Hopefully after studying the lessons and using the auto calculators in this section you will have all the information you need to make smart, self-supporting car buying, financing, and owning decisions.

Below are the current purchase, loan, lease, payment, refinance and mileage calculators contained in the auto calculators section, all of which are dedicated to helping you to get the most our of your car budget at the lowest possible cost.

Current List of Free Online Auto Calculators

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Auto Finance Calculators

Automobile Finance Calculator
Calculate the monthly payment and total purchase costs of buying a new car, which includes accounting for sales tax, trade-in allowance, down payment, and upfront financing costs. Also includes the answer to "What are Upside Down Car Loans?," plus an amortization schedule that will forecast if and for how long you may be upside down in your car loan.

Refinance Auto Loan Calculator
Discover whether or not you will save money by refinancing your car loan at a lower interest rate. You will also be made aware of the false advertising that refinance companies use to get you to bite on an offer than will actually end up costing you more money.

Automobile Loan Calculators

Car or Auto Loan Early Payoff Calculator
Calculate the time and money savings that will occur if you pay off your car loan early, by adding a prepayment amount to your current monthly payment. Also includes tips for getting things you truly want to appear in your future photographs.

Auto Loan Comparison Calculator
Calculate the monthly payment and interest cost comparisons of up to 4 different car loan-term combinations. Also includes "Interest Charge Quiz."

Auto Loan Payment Calculators

Car or Automobile Loan Payment Calculator
Calculate the monthly car payment and interest cost of an auto loan. Plus, unlike other auto loan payment calculators, this one will tell you how many hours you will need to work to pay all of the principal and interest payments. Also includes an idea for how to become your own auto finance company.

Car Down Payment Calculator
Calculate the down payment amount from the down payment percentage, plus compare the resulting loan amount, monthly payment, and interest costs with 3 incrementally higher down payment percentages. Also includes "What is a Down Payment?"

Car Buying and Car Lease Calculators

Car Buying Calculator
Calculate the annual, monthly, and per mile cost to buy and own an automobile. A second column of entry fields allows you to perform car buying comparisons, or to see how changes to one cost element effects the overall cost of buying and owning. Be sure to read the prelude on this page to complete this sentence: The more you own ...

Automobile Lease Calculator
Calculate a car lease payment, plus calculate a breakdown of how much of each payment will be going to depreciation, leasing fees, and sales taxes. Also includes "How to Pay Cash for a Car."

Car Lease Vs Buy Calculator
Calculate a year-to-year comparison between the cost of leasing and the cost of buying a car, as well as the long term consequences of repeating the lease or purchase each time you acquire a vehicle. Also includes "Cash Versus Lease or Buy."

Car Affordability Calculator
Calculate how much car you can afford based on the size of the monthly payment that you feel will be affordable. Also includes "Are You Bungee Jumping With a Cord That's Too Long?," plus an optional monthly amortization schedule.

Car Depreciation Calculator
Calculate the annual, total, and lifetime depreciation costs of owning a vehicle. Includes an explanation of what depreciation is and why your understanding of how it accumulates is critical to preserving your potential future wealth.

Driving, Fuel, and Mileage Calculators

Drive Time Calculator to Calculate Driving Distances, Times and ETA's
Calculate the number of hours and minutes it will take to drive a given number of miles at a given speed. Now includes an optional distance calculator to calculate distances between two addresses, which also includes a route map and turn-by-turn directions. Plus, the calculator will even calculate your estimated date and time of arrival (adjusted for time zones and estimated stops), and your fuel-cost for the trip! Results also include a comparison chart showing how much time you will lose or save by driving slower or faster.

Fuel Consumption Conversion Calculator
Convert between miles per gallon (US or UK) and liters (or litres) per 100 kilometers. The calculator not only shows its work, but also includes an option for creating a custom fuel conversion chart that you can print out and take with you when shopping for a car. The page also includes conversion formulas, factors, and step-by-step examples in case you wish to make the conversions manually.

Gas, Fuel Mileage Calculator
Calculate MPG and associated daily, monthly, annual, and lifetime gas expenses for your car, plus compare car gas mileage expenses against any number of higher MPG rates to see how much you will save if you switch to a car that gets better gas mileage. Also includes "How to Calculate Gas Mileage" in case you wish to calculate MPG manually.

Future Auto Calculators

The following is a list of calculators that I plan to add to the auto calculators section as I have time. I'm basically adding car buying, loan, lease, payment, refinance and mileage calculators to in the order from highest demand to lowest demand, so if you see any of the calculators in the following list you want me to put on the high priority list, please let me know.

  • Car Cost Calculator

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