About the The Math Calculator Menu section

This ever-growing math and algebra calculator collection began with many of the calculators I created to help me assist my own children with their mathematic and algebra homework.

From my experience, the authors of contemporary math textbooks seem more interested in showing how smart they are instead of providing detailed explanations that parents can understand.

Math Can Be Fun ... If You Enjoy Doing Math!

What you won't find in the online math calculators section is any of the normal hype you read on other math help sites. No matter how hard these sites try to convince parents and students that math can be made to be fun, for many, mathematics is not, nor will it ever be, fun.

In my opinion, the only people who consider math to be fun, are those who enjoy doing math -- people like myself. And while I consider certain types of math to be fun, other types ... not so much. The only reason I enjoy any type of math at all is that it helps me to solve problems that are important to what I enjoy doing.

As for those people who hate mathematics now and forever, the most one could hope to accomplish is to help them and their children to pass their required math courses in the least amount of time, with the least amount of stress -- which is my goal for the online math calculators section.

What is the Key to Being "Good at Math?"

The key to being good at math boils down to one skill -- memorization. That's all math is, the memorization of math facts, formulas, and rules. So if you're good at memorizing and retaining facts, formulas, and rules, you will most likely be good at math.

Unfortunately, no matter how good you are at memorization, if you don't use what you have memorized on a consistent basis, you will eventually forget what you once had memorized. And therein lies the problem for most parents when it comes to helping their children with their math and algebra homework -- the average parent has not used what they were taught as children often enough to retain what they now need to tutor their children.

Are You Pulling Your Hair Out Trying To Help Your Children With Math?

If you're a parent, and you've forgotten your math and algebra due to lack of use -- or you never had much of an aptitude for mathematics and algebra to begin with -- and you have a child who is struggling with mathematics, the math and algebra calculators in this section were designed with you in mind.

The math and algebra calculator collection in this section consists of calculators that will:

  • Help in the memorization and retention of math facts, formulas, and rules.
  • Make quick work of time consuming tasks, such as factoring.
  • Quickly solve common types of problems, such as fractions, exponents, square roots, etc.

Please let me know if there's a calculator you would like to see added to this online math calculators section.

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