About the The Credit Card Calculator, Tips, and Tools section

My goal for this section of the website is to help you to escape from credit card debt and to convince you to stop carrying balances on your cards.

It never ceases to amaze me how people think it's okay to be charged 18% interest by the same lending institutions that only pay 1% interest for the money they borrow from us.

Or, how the same companies that cause us to become credit-unworthy, use credit unworthiness as an excuse to charge us higher interest rates -- making it nearly impossible to become credit worthy and gain access to the lower rates.

Or, how the CEOs of these card companies can sleep at night while financially raping so many people -- many of whom are just college kids. If none of that bothers you, then you may want to use the credit card calculators located on the websites owned by the card companies instead of using those included in this section.

Painless Pain

If you had to have a hole drilled in your tooth before you were permitted to eat a food item containing processed sugar, would you choose to eat the food item?

If you had to experience an 8-hour, mind-numbing, dry-heaving hangover before you were permitted to go out for a night of drinking, would you still choose to go out for the night of drinking?

If you had to experience a high-speed, head-on collision with a semi before you were allowed to create text messages while driving, would you still choose to send text messages?

My point is that the reason we humans make so many poor decisions is that in most cases the decisions we make are painless at the moment we make them. It isn't until later that the consequential pain makes itself all too real.

This explains why card companies have been so successful at sucking the potential wealth out of the hands of people who actually have to work for a living. It's because no immediate pain is felt when you swipe that plastic through the wealth-sucking credit card machine.

If I could somehow make the pain of buying on credit strike you the moment you even think about making that mistake, you would not believe how financially happy you would be today.

Unfortunately, since I don't have a magic pain wand, all I can do is to give you the best credit card calculators I can come up with to help you to foresee and hopefully avoid the pain of buying on credit. Making that pain feel as real as it actually will be is up to you.

Paying Cash for Purchases? Priceless!

The most destructive belief that comes from having easy access to credit is that you feel like you can afford to have it all. As a result, you probably won't spend very much time researching your spending decisions, which in turn causes you to experience fewer benefits with greater sacrifices.

If you want to experience the opposite, then you need to force yourself to pay cash for everything. When you do that, one very important thing happens. You quickly realize that you can't have it all, which causes you to carefully consider which purchases will bring the greatest benefit for the least amount of sacrifice.

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