Math Addition Facts Quiz:
Timed Test for Learning 0-12

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The online Math Addition Facts Quiz on this page will help you to memorize the sum of fact additions 0-12.

This free online timed test was actually created to assist my own children with learning addition facts and to give myself an easy way to track their progress.

The quiz not only times and grades the addition drills, but it also provides you with a printable report card for tracking and measuring progress made during each addition facts practice session.

The report card stores up to ten quiz sessions, complete with stats, a cumulative incorrect-answers table, and a bar graph that combines the time it took to complete each quiz with the percentage of wrong answers.

After all, the measure of success in learning addition facts is not only in the ability to answer the additions correctly, but also in the time it takes to come up with the correct answers.

Note to Parents (Teachers)

If you have a child (student) that is struggling with learning addition facts, then I suggest you have the child start with 2's and have them take 5-10 timed tests per day until they are able to consistently complete each test in less than 90 seconds -- with no wrong answers. At that point they can then move on to 3's, and so on until they have memorized all math facts for the addends 0-12.

I also suggest you have your child (student) print out the report card for each addition facts practice session, which will help them and you to track their progress, and to provide you with proof that they are completing their "homework assignments."

Once the child has finished mastering math facts for addition, you can then guide them to the Multiplication Quiz for mastering math facts for multiplication.

With that, let's use the Math Addition Facts Quiz to help you (or your child or student) to learn math facts.

Math Addition Facts Quiz
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Instructions: Enter your name as you would like it to appear on your math addition facts quiz report card.

Next, select the math addition fact (addend) you would like to practice with and begin the addition facts timed test whenever you are ready (click in the first addition answer field).

Note that the math addition facts quiz will keep track of up to a maximum of 10 quizzes for each fact practice session. If you switch the addend or click the "Reset Session" button, your report card for the current section will be replaced by the new session. So be sure to print out your report card before selecting a different addend or resetting the session.

Mouse over the blue question marks for a further explanation of each entry field or button. More in-depth explanations can be found in the glossary of terms located beneath the Math Addition Facts Quiz.

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Math Addition Facts Quiz for 3's

For each addition, enter the answer and then press the "tab" key. The timer will start the first time you press the tab key and will stop when you press the tab key in the last addition. Each correct answer will turn the cell blue, whereas an incorrect answer will turn the cell red. Note that you cannot change an answer once you have tabbed out of the field. You have a maximum of 4 minutes (240 seconds) to complete the quiz.

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Math Addition Facts Quiz Glossary of Terms

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Name: Enter your name as you would like it to appear on your addition facts timed test report card.

Facts Number: Select the math fact (addend) you would like to practice in this session's addition quizzes.

Stats: This field will display the number of correct answers as you make your way through each timed addition test.

Seconds: This field will display the number of seconds that have passed since you answered (tabbed out of) the first addition and will stop once you tab out of the last addition, or when seconds reach the maximum of 240 seconds (4 minutes).

Reset for New Quiz button: If you would like to try the current fact timed test again, click this button to reset the math addition facts quiz.

Reset Session button: If you would like to start a new session for the current selected fact, click this button. IMPORTANT: If you want to keep a record of your current session with the selected fact, be sure to print your report card first.

Session Quiz Count: This field displays the number of quiz scores stored for the selected addend (fact).

Printer Friendly Report Card button: Clicking this button will open a new printer-friendly window where you can print your report card for the current addition facts practice session.

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