Trip Fuel Cost Calculator: Miles or Kilometers, Gallons or Liters

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This calculator will estimate your trip fuel cost based on the travel distance, your vehicle's fuel economy rating, and on the price of one gallon or one liter of gasoline.

Plus, if the riders are splitting the trip's fuel cost, the kilometers or miles to gas cost calculator will calculate each person's share (i.e., "How much gas money should I give?").

If you don't know the distance your journey will cover, you can use the Distance Calculator section of the Drive Time Calculator to map your route and calculate the distance.

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Trip Fuel Cost Calculator

Calculate your trip's fuel cost based on the distance, your vehicle's fuel economy, and on the price per unit of gas.

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Fuel and distance type:

Select the calculation that reflects your country's fuel and distance units.

MilesTrip milesTrip milesTrip miles:

Trip distance:

Enter the number of trip units (miles or kilometers) your journey will cover. the "PCalc" tab (pocket calculator) if you need to add up distances for separate stages of a trip.

MPGMPG ratingMiles per gallon ratingVehicle miles per gallon rating:

Fuel economy:

Enter your vehicle's fuel economy rating.

Price/galPrice/gallonPrice per gallonPrice per gallon:

Price of one unit of gasoline:

Enter the current price of one unit (liter or gallon) of gasoline (or diesel fuel), but without the dollar sign.

Split waysSplit waysPersons to split costNumber of persons splitting gas cost:

Number of persons splitting gas cost:

Optional: If you are splitting the gas cost with other passengers, enter the total number of persons splitting the cost, including yourself. If no one is sharing the cost, leave blank or enter 0 or 1.

Trip gallons:

Fuel units required:

Based on your entries, this is the number of units of gasoline that will be needed for the trip.

Trip fuel cost:

Trip fuel cost:

Based on your entries this is the estimated total fuel cost for the trip.

Cost per mile:

Fuel cost per distance unit:

Based on your entries this is the estimated fuel cost per distance unit (mile or kilometer).

Split cost:

Share of cost per person:

Based on your entries this is cost for each person sharing in the gas trip cost, if applicable.

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How to calculate trip fuel cost, plus a miles to money calculator.

Miles to Money Calculator

Once you've used the Trip Fuel Cost Calculator to calculate your gas cost per distance unit, you can then use the following calculator to convert miles or kilometers into gas money and total driving costs (per the IRS business per-mile deduction).

Kilometers or Miles to Money Calculator
Trip distance (#):
Fuel cost per mile or kilometer ($):
All costs per mile or kilometer ($):
Trip gas money:
Trip total driving costs:

How to Calculate Trip Fuel Cost

The basic formula for calculating trip fuel costs is as follows:

Trip Fuel Cost = Distance ÷ Fuel Economy × Fuel Price

However, the method for solving the trip fuel cost formula depends on which fuel economy rating method you use. I will cover 4 of the most common methods below.

Miles Per Gallon Method
Miles Per Gallon (MPG)

Formula Variables:

  • Trip Distance: 500 miles
  • Fuel Economy: 25 Miles per gallon
  • Fuel Price: $2.459 per gallon
Trip Fuel Cost =(Miles ÷ Miles Per Gallon) × Fuel Price
=(500 ÷ 25) × $2.459
=20.00 × $2.459
Fuel cost per mile =$49.18 ÷ 500
Liters Per 100 Kilometers Method
Liters Per 100 Kilometers (L/100Km)

Formula Variables:

  • Trip Distance: 804.7 kilometers
  • Fuel Economy: 9.41 Liters per 100km
  • Fuel Price: $0.649 per liter
Trip Fuel Cost =((Kilometers ÷ 100) × Liters Per 100Km) × Fuel Price
=((804.7 ÷ 100) × 9.41) × $0.649
=(8.05 × 9.41) × $0.649
=75.72 × $0.649
Fuel cost per kilometer =$49.14 ÷ 804.7
Liters Per Mile Method
Miles Per Liter (L/M)

Formula Variables:

  • Trip Distance: 500 miles
  • Fuel Economy: 0.1514 Liters per mile
  • Fuel Price: $0.649 per liter
Trip Fuel Cost =(Miles × Liters Per Mile) × Fuel Price
=(500 × 0.1514) × $0.649
=75.70 × $0.649
Fuel cost per mile =$49.13 ÷ 500
Kilometers Per Liter Method
Kilometers Per Liter (Km/L)

Formula Variables:

  • Trip Distance: 804.672 kilometers
  • Fuel Economy: 10.63 Kilometers per liter
  • Fuel Price: $0.649 per liter
Trip Fuel Cost =(Kilometers ÷ Kilometers Per Liter) × Fuel Price
=(804.672 ÷ 10.63) × $0.649
=75.70 × $0.649
Fuel cost per kilometer =$49.13 ÷ 804.672

If you would like me to add a different fuel economy method, please let me know using expandable feedback from below the road trip fuel cost calculator.

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