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The Free Printable Weekly Planner Creator on this page will help you plan and prioritize your time according to the 80 20 rule.

This weekly planning template creator will help you to get more of what you want by helping you to focus the majority of your time on the activities that generate the greatest return for the time invested.

Specifically, this weekly template creator includes a time-block inserter that will populate multiple cells of a weekly planning worksheet with any one of seven color-coded, text-editable time blocks.

Plus, you can also choose to edit each day-time worksheet cell individually -- which can also be set to any one of the seven time block colors. Or, you can leave the entire planning worksheet blank and simply print out blank weekly calendar pages to be filled in later.

Also, the weekly planning tool even allows you to choose which hours of the day are included in the planner -- making this tool just as valuable for those who happen to work late into the evening or who begin work in the wee hours of the morning.

And finally, if you are using the latest version of your web browser software (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.), the planner creator now offers the ability to save your entries within your web browser (using Local Storage) between visits.

Use the 80 20 Rule to Maximize the ROI of Your Time

In case you're not familiar with it, the 80 20 rule or 80/20 principle is a mathematical formula that was formulated and used by Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923) to predict the distribution of wealth within a society.

Specifically, Pareto's law of distribution stated that 80% of a society's wealth was possessed by 20% of the population. However, Pareto also discovered that his 80 20 rule applied to many other types of measurable circumstances as well -- wherein 20% of the inputs yielded 80% of the outputs.

As it applies to time management, the 80 20 rule basically means that 20% (or less) of your activities are likely responsible for 80% (or more) of the returns on your time.

This means that the key to maximizing the return on your time is to identify the 20% of your time-consuming activities that are responsible for 80% of the returns, and then replace (delegate, outsource, eliminate, etc.) the lower returning activities (the 80%) with the higher returning activities (the 20%).

This explains why I have included the color-coded time blocks with corresponding hour and percentage totals in the free printable weekly planner creator. Thanks to those features you can name up to seven types of activities and then track what percentage of your time you are planning to allocate to each type.

In my own case, one of the 20% activities that is largely responsible for 80% of my financial returns is creating unique and valuable content for this website. Therefore when using the time management tool on this page I use the color of money to represent "Content Creation" and then make sure my weekly calendar pages contain mostly green time blocks. However, I don't just insert them haphazardly.

Reserve Peak Productivity Time Slots for "20%" Time Blocks

It's not enough to haphazardly add time blocks of 20% activities to your week planner. After all, if you add them in weekly day-time slots where you are easily distracted and/or often interrupted, the returns from your 20% activities could sink to the depths of those yielded by the 80% activities.

For me, my most productive day-time slots are Monday - Friday between the hours of 7:00am (when the kids leave for school) and 12:30pm (when I get hungry and need a break). Therefore, not only do I fill those hours with 20% activities, but I also do whatever I can to shut myself off from "80%" interruptions (don't check my email, leave phone calls to my answering machine, etc.).

The bottom line is, we all get 168 hours per week. But if you take the time to carefully plan and prioritize how you will spend your 168 hours -- paying close attention to the 80 20 rule -- you may just find yourself among the 20% that possesses 80% of the wealth.

With that, let's use the free template creator to create a printable weekly planner that will help you get more of what you want from the time you invest.

Printable Weekly Planner Template Creator
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Instructions: You can either add color-coded blocks of time, or edit the individual day-hour time slots individually, or print out a blank weekly calendar template.

To add color-coded blocks of time, enter a brief title of the activity or event, select the "to" and "from" times, select the appropriate colored radio button (you can also change the time block text), and then click the "Add Block of Time to Week Planner" button.

To add a color-coded individual day-hour activity or event, simply select the appropriate colored radio button, click in the applicable day-hour field, and then type a brief description.

Any time you wish to see how your finished template will look, scroll to the bottom of the creator, select the "to" and "from" hours you would like included in the template, and then click the "Display Printable Weekly Planner" button. This will open your template in a new window for previewing and printing.

To print out a blank weekly template, simply clear or leave all creator fields blank prior to displaying the template.

Note that you can also add daily and weekly notes/goals before or after printing.

Mouse over the blue question marks for a further explanation of each entry field. More in-depth explanations can be found in the glossary of terms located beneath the Printable Weekly Planner Template Creator.

Local Storage Feature Added on 8/20/2015: You now have the option to save your planner entries between visits. Important! The saved data can only be accessed from the same computer and web browser that stored it, and there is no backup copy of the saved data. If you have used this planner in the past, please reload/refresh the page (F5 on most keyboards) to make sure you are viewing the latest version.

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Time-Block Inserter and Calculator
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Free Printable Weekly Planner Glossary of Terms

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Block title: Enter a short title for the block of time you are adding and select the to and from times.

Shortcuts: To auto-check a group of days in the next line, check the appropriate shortcut check box.

Days: Click on each day check box that is applicable to the time block you are adding (or use the shortcut check boxes above).

Type: Edit the title of each color to suit your individual task and activity types, then click the radio button applicable to the time block you are adding. Remember the 80 20 rule while naming your time blocks and planning out your weeks. Your goal should be to identify the 20% of your tasks that are yielding 80% of the results and then increase the amount of time you spend on those. Also be sure to place the 20% time blocks in your peak-performance time slots.

Hrs: The numbers in this row represent the number of hours blocked out for each type of event or activity.

%: The percentages in this row represent the percentage of your total 168 weekly hours that are blocked out for each color-coded type of task or activity.

Add Block of Time to Week Planner button: Click this button to add the time block to the day-time worksheet.

Clear Worksheet button: Click this button to clear the day-time worksheet to start over.

Day-Time Worksheet: You can either add time blocks using the inserter above, or you can edit individual day-time worksheet cells by clicking in them. Note that the selected color will fill any cell you click-in to edit, so be sure to select the desired color before clicking in a cell on the worksheet.

Date: If you are printing a blank weekly planner template, leave these fields blank. Otherwise enter the appropriate dates in the desired format and they will be included in the printable weekly planner.

Daily: If you are printing a blank weekly planner template, leave these fields blank. Otherwise enter your daily notes/goals and they will be included in the printable weekly planner.

Week: If you are printing a blank weekly planner template, leave this text area blank. Otherwise enter your notes/goals for the week and they will be included in the printable weekly planner.

Display Printable Weekly Planner button: Select the daily time-frame you want to include in your printable weekly planner template, and click this button. This will open a new window displaying your printer friendly planner. If the new window does not open you may need to: allow pop-ups for this site, upgrade to a newer version of your browser, and/or switch to a different web browser brand. Once the new window opens, use the Print Preview feature on your web browser to scale and orient the the planner to fit on your preferred page size and page orientation.

Save/Delete Data Buttons: If you are using the latest version of your web browser software (Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.), clicking the Save Planner Data button should store your entries between visits. To remove the previously saved data, click the Delete Planner Data button.

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