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Estimates the number of life years you have left according to the Internal Revenue Service's Life Expectancy Table.

This free online calculator will calculate life expectancy based on how long the IRS is betting you will live, and then display your "Life Odometer" based on that result.

The calculator is based on Table I from IRS Publication 590-B (2014). This table is actually one of three IRS tables used to determine Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) for qualifying retirement plans (IRAs, 401ks, etc.).

And since I'm using these tables to create other calculators in this section, I thought I would put Table I into a free-standing calculator -- just in case you're interested in seeing how long the IRS is betting you will live.

Please keep in mind that the IRS uses actuarial averages, i.e., they don't account for your specific gender, health habits, or family genes, so don't rush out and make your funeral arrangements for the year this calculator spits out. It is for amusement purposes only!

With that, let's see how long the Internal Revenue Service expects you to live until.

Calculate Years Left Per the IRS
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Minimum Distribution Requirement (RDM): Minimum Distribution Requirements come into play when an owner of a qualified retirement plan reaches age 70-1/2, or when a beneficiary assumes or inherits and IRA from the deceased owner.

IRS LE Tables: Tables provided by IRS Publication 590-B for determining Minimum Distribution Requirements for qualified retirement plans. They are the Single, Joint Life and Last Survivor, and the Uniform Lifetime Table.

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