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The Distance Conversion Calculator on this page will perform the 20 most popular standard and metric measurement conversions related to length.

This free online length converter will convert millimeters (mm), centimeters (cm), inches (in), feet (ft), yards (yd), meters (m), and miles (mi) to and from their most popular counterparts.

Plus, unlike other online unit converters, this length converter will show the formula it used for converting as well as the step-by-step math it used to complete the conversion.

Finally, the distance conversion calculator also provides a feature that will allow you to create your own custom, printable, length conversion chart. Just select the type you are converting from and to, enter the desired starting and ending measurements, and click the button. Cool!

Distance Conversions

The following conversion chart lists the formulas used by the calculator to calculate its distance conversions.

Length & Distance Conversion Formulas

Conversion Abbrev. Formula (rounded)
Centimeters to Millimeters cm to mm mm x 10
Millimeters to Centimeters mm to cm mm x .1
Feet to Meters ft to m ft x .30480
Meters to Feet m to ft m x 3.2808398951
Inches to Centimeters in to cm in x 2.54
Centimeters to Inches cm to in cm x .3937007874
Inches to Feet in to ft in x .0833333333
Feet to Inches ft to in ft x 12
Inches to Meters in to m in x .02540
Meters to Inches m to in m x 39.3700787402
Inches to Millimeters in to mm in x 25.4
Millimeters to Inches mm to in mm x .0393700787
Miles to Feet mi to ft mi x 5280
Feet to Miles ft to mi ft x .0001893940
Miles to Kilometers mi to km mi x 1.609344
Kilometers to Miles km to mi km x .6213711922
Miles to Meters mi to m mi x 1609.344
Meters to Miles m to mi m x .0006213712
Yards to Meters yd to m yd x .9144000000
Meters to Yards m to yd m x 1.0936132983

With that, let's use the Distance Conversion Calculator to convert centimeters, inches, meters, yards, etc., or to create a custom, printable length conversion chart.

Distance Conversion Calculator
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Instructions: Click the radio button next to the desired length conversion option, enter the associated measurement in the field provided, then click the "Convert Length" button.

Mouse over the blue question marks for a further explanation of each entry field. More in-depth explanations can be found in the glossary of terms located beneath the Distance Conversion Calculator.

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Length & Distance Conversions
Convert Centimeters to Millimeters Convert Millimeters to Centimeters
Convert Feet to Meters Convert Meters to Feet
Convert Inches to Centimeters Convert Centimeters to Inches
Convert Inches to Feet Convert Feet to Inches
Convert Inches to Meters Convert Meters to Inches
Convert Inches to Millimeters Convert Millimeters to Inches
Convert Miles to Feet Convert Feet to Miles
Convert Miles to Kilometers Convert Kilometers to Miles
Convert Miles to Meters Convert Meters to Miles
Convert Yards to Meters Convert Meters to Yards
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Distance Conversion Calculator Glossary of Terms

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Measurement input field: Enter the unit of measurement to convert from the type listed in bold on this line.

Convert Length button: After entering the unit of measurement to convert, select your preference for rounding the results (number of decimal places) and then click this button to complete the conversion.

Measurement output field: This is the units of measurement entered above, converted to the type listed in bold on this line.

Printable Length Conversion Chart button: To create a custom length conversion chart that you can print out, select the conversion type from the drop-down menu and enter the starting and ending measurement based on the first abbreviation appearing in the selected conversion type. Clicking this button will open a printer friendly window containing your custom length conversion table.

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