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The Number to Word Converter on this page will convert a number into words, a vanity word into numbers, and a provide you with a keypad to make words from a given phone number.

This free online calculator will convert numbers into three different word strings:

1. A basic word string.

2. A currency word string.

3. A check writing word string.

For example, if you enter the number 12345.67 and click the Convert Number to Word button, the converter will translate the number into the following three word strings:


twelve thousand, three hundred forty-five and sixty-seven hundredths


twelve thousand, three hundred forty-five dollars and sixty-seven cents


twelve thousand, three hundred forty-five and 67/100 dollars

Plus, the calculator includes two bonus features.

Bonus Feature #1

The converter includes a feature for converting vanity phone numbers into their phone keypad equivalents. For example, if you enter a vanity phone number such as 1-CALCMANDAN and click the Convert Vanity Number to Phone Number button, the converter will display 1-225-262-6326 (I don't know who actually owns that number, so please don't dial it).

Bonus Feature #2

The converter also includes a cool widget that helps you to see what if any words you can form from the keypad letters of a given telephone number. Enter any phone number and the converter will generate a keypad containing the available letters for each number.

Note that keypad letters used by vanity word translator and creator are shown in the table below (note that 0 and 1 have no letter equivalents).





With that, let's use the Number to Word Converter to convert numbers into words and vanity words into numbers.

Number to Word Converter
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Instructions: To convert a number to a word string, enter the number and then click the "Convert Number to Word" button. The converter will attempt to create three word strings: a basic word string, a currency word string, and a check writing word string.

To translate a vanity phone number to the keypad number, enter the vanity number and click the "Convert Vanity Number to Phone Number" button.

And finally, to see what vanity names you can create from a phone number, enter the phone number and click the "Create Vanity Number Letter Pad" button. This will create a letter-based keypad that you can use to make words from the numbers.

Mouse over the blue question marks for a further explanation of each entry field. More in-depth explanations can be found in the glossary of terms located beneath the Number to Word Converter.

Note: I can't test for all possible entries, so if you discover an issue with an entry, please contact me and let me know the calculator name and the entries that caused the issue.

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Number to Word Converter Glossary of Terms

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Number: Enter the whole or decimal number. The number may contain commas, but no spaces or currency symbols. Also, the whole number portion of the number must be less than 22 digits in length, and the decimal portion must be less than 12 digits in length.

Word strings: After clicking the Convert Number to Word button, the large text field below it should display three strings: Words, Currency, and Check.

Vanity phone number: To translate a vanity phone number (e.g., 1-800-GETPOOR) to its keypad equivalent, enter a vanity number to translate. You may include the dashes, but no spaces or other symbols.

Keypad equivalent: After clicking the Convert Vanity Number to Phone Number button, this field will display the keypad equivalent of the entered vanity phone number.

Phone number: To see what words you can spell from a given phone number, enter the phone number (digits 0-9 only, with or without the dashes) and click the Create Vanity Number Letter Pad button. This will generate a keypad that you can use to try to create a vanity number from the entered phone number.

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