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On March 23rd, 2015, while flying home from our annual vacation, others on the plane were reading, playing video games, and napping.

I, on the other hand, was having fun seeing if I could create an online hangman game for the new "Sports, Games, and Fun" section on the site.

By the time we landed in Minneapolis I had the basic game working, but it took several more days of "work" to include all of the features I wanted to add to it.

But I must confess. The additional time needed to complete the game was also partly due to constantly getting caught up in playing my own hangman game.

I had forgotten how much fun we used to have playing the game as kids!

Of course, back then all we had to work with was paper and pencil.

Online Hangman Game Features

  • Over 750 built-in words for 1 or 2 player games.
  • Game keeps a running score of the number of wins out of the number of tries.
  • You can enter your own list of hangman words. This means parents can enter vocabulary words so their kids can have fun while learning their spelling words.
  • The 2 player game includes an option that allows each player to enter and hide one word at a time for the other to guess. In this case, half the fun is seeing what funny words or short phrases you can come up with for each other.
  • Push button keypad to also accommodate touch-enabled devices.
  • An entered word can contain multiple words (Ohio, New York, United States of America, etc).
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Online Hangman Game

Play hangman online, 1 or 2 player. Use your own words or words randomly selected from a built-in list.

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