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The Weight Conversion Calculator on this page will perform the 14 most popular standard and metric unit conversions related to weight.

This free online weight converter will convert grams (g), pounds (lbs), kilograms (kg), ounces (oz), milligrams (mg), micrograms (mcg), and U.S. tons to their most popular counterparts.

Plus, unlike other online unit converters, this weight converter will show the formula it used for converting as well as the step-by-step math it used to complete the conversion.

Finally, the weight conversion calculator also provides a feature that will allow you to create your own custom, printable, weight conversion chart. Just select the type you are converting from and to, enter the desired starting and ending weights, and click the button. Cool!

Weight Conversion Table

The following weight conversion table lists the weight conversion formulas for the corresponding type.

Weight Conversion Formulas

Conversion Abbrev. Formula
Milligrams to Micrograms mg to mcg mg x 1000
Micrograms to Milligrams mcg to mg mcg x .001
Ounces to Grams oz to g oz x 28.34952
Grams to Ounces g to oz g x .03527
Ounces to Milligrams oz to mg oz x 28349.523125
Milligrams to Ounces mg to oz mg x .0035274
Pounds to Grams lb to g lb x 453.59232
Grams to Pounds g to lb g x .00220
Pounds to Kilograms lb to kg lb x .45359
Kilograms to Pounds kg to lb kg x 2.20462
Pounds to Ounces lb to oz lb x 16
Ounces to Pounds oz to lb oz x .06250
Pounds to US Tons lb to ton lb x .00050
US Tons to Pounds ton to lb ton x 2000

With that, let's use the Weight Conversion Calculator to convert grams, pounds, kilograms, ounces, etc., or to create a custom, printable weight conversion chart.

Weight Conversion Calculator
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Instructions: Click the radio button next to the desired weight conversion option, enter the associated weight units in the field provided, then click the "Convert Weight" button.

Mouse over the blue question marks for a further explanation of each entry field. More in-depth explanations can be found in the glossary of terms located beneath the Weight Conversion Calculator.

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Weight Conversion Options
Convert Milligrams to Micrograms Convert Micrograms to Milligrams
Convert Ounces to Grams Convert Grams to Ounces
Convert Ounces to Milligrams Convert Milligrams to Ounces
Convert Pounds to Grams Convert Grams to Pounds
Convert Pounds to Kilograms Convert Kilograms to Pounds
Convert Pounds to Ounces Convert Ounces to Pounds
Convert Pounds to US Tons Convert US Tons to Pounds
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Weight Conversion Calculator Glossary of Terms

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Weight input field: Enter the weight units to convert from the type listed in bold on in this line.

Weight output field: This is the weight units entered above converted to the type listed in bold on this line.

Printable Weight Conversion Chart button: To create a custom weight conversion chart that you can print out, select the conversion type from the drop-down menu and enter the starting and ending weight based on the first abbreviation appearing in the selected conversion type. Clicking this button will open a printer friendly window containing your custom weight conversion table.

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