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Suggestion? Do you have a suggestion for a new online calculator or a suggestion for improving an existing calculator? I'd love to hear it, especially if you can provide me with the details (inputs, formulas and outputs). Please keep in mind that my expertise is in creating online calculators, not necessarily in the fields the calculators pertain to. Therefore I rely on experts who work in the calculator-related fields to provide me with the details needed to create the calculators -- and to correct me when I've made a mistake.

Question? If you have a question on a non-financial related question, please seek out the advise of a professional in whatever field the question pertains to. Otherwise, if you have a question regarding the operation of a calculator, or a question related to personal finance, please ask away. However, due to the volume of email I receive I can only promise that I will read your email, but I can't promise I will have time to answer it.

Bug Report? Would you like to do me the favor of reporting a bug you found with one of my calculators? I'd be extremely grateful for the heads up.

Kudos? Would you like to pass on an "attaboy" for a particular calculator? I promise not to get a big head.

For all of the above cases, please use the following form to send me your suggestions, questions, comments and criticisms.

And just so you know, I will never give or sell your e-mail address to anyone and I promise not to send you any unsolicited email (I hate spam too!). If you do or don't want a reply, please state your case in your message.

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